To Apply for a Scholarship (Click here to email: Chris Leppert, Corresponding Secretary)

The Amount[s]: $cholarship amounts for the next year are determined by the members at their annual meeting. At the July 6, 2014 meeting at Jubilee Park Pavilion the membership voted to again award three Class of 2015 $cholarships of $3,000 each, two Academic $cholarships and one Vocational $cholarship. The SOFCU Community Service Scholarship awarded for the last five years has ended. In 2010, SOFCU donated $2500 to us to be awarded in $500 increments and had also served on the SOFCU board. We are most grateful to have had this donation to our $cholarship program in recognition of Roni’s devoted service.

Change in Procedure:  Beginning the year alumni classes and retired teachers will no longer be voting for our recipients. In accordance with the poll of our voters taken last year, the majority voted to discontinue that voting process. Therefore, at the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors on July 10, 2014 it was determined that this long-standing procedure had run its course. Beginning with this year our $cholarship recipients will be determined by our $cholarship Screening Committee. The chosen recipients will receive their Certificates of Award at the annual IVHS award assembly held May of each year.

If you would like to be considered for service on our $cholarship Screening Committee, please find the application around here somewhere, fill it out, and send to IVHS Alumni and Friends, PO Box 2086, Cave Junction 97523, or give it to any board member.

History:  Our successful $cholarship program began in 1990 with the puny sum of $300 to one recipient. By 1995 it had inched up to $1500 to one recipient, and in 2001 reached $1500 to two recipients. By 2006 it was $2000 to two recipients, in 2008, $2500 to three recipients where it stayed until 2012 when we were able to raise it to $3000 to three recipients.

YOU CAN HELP US: Our $cholarship funds come from the hard work of volunteers who organize Reunion Weekend Events, from reunion classes who donate extra sums raised during the equally wonderful decisions you out there in alumniland donate directly to the $cholarship Fund. We thank you. Our recipients thank you. Please help us continue this important program.

To Our Recipients: – "GOOD JOB”!

Alicia Warner '15, Mikael Cusumano '15, Allyssa Norriss '15, Athena Slavin ’90, Patrick Sherier ’91, Ray Osipovich ’92, Wendy Brown ’93, Travis Core ’94, Mac McClintick ’95, James Page Diemer ’96, Kelly Rae Cooper ’97, Madeleine Melton ’98, Rowan Luckett ’99, Emily Hoskins ’00, Sarah Reynolds ’01, Greg Arnold ’01, Jessica Hendrix ’02, David Weber ’02, Ivy Fink ’03, Jamie Couick ’03, Lacey Madden ’04, Kim Hamilton ’04, Patrick DeCelles ’05, Courtney Christianson ’05, Kamela R. Culver ’06, Tiffanee Michele Griffin ’06, Alexis L. Medina ’07, Tiffany J. Thom ’07, Sabrina A. Miller ’08 and Kelcie J. Yeoman ’08, Raesha D. Wanstrath Yeoman ’08, Amanda M. Hults ’09 and McKenzie L. Yeoman ’09, Shaneice N. Allan ’09, Heide Unger ’10, Callie Harland ’10, Clinten Robertson ’10, Christopher Culver ’10, Lindsey Aria ’11, Jesse Bethke ’11, Hailee Parker ’11, Kayla Johnson ’11, Travis Tyler Robbins ‘12, Thea Barker-Cortrecht ‘12, Natalie Wellen ’13, Krysten Siver ’13, Jazmine Hancock ’13, Brelyn Dhremin ’14, Brian S. Bemis ’14, Edilet Rodriquez ’14, Amanda Brooks ’14.



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